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Burning Desires Fullfilled
Nancy Fisher | 24th Street

A fireman’s axe hangs over the counter of
“Roy and Marian’s Kitchen.”
Photo Mike Salt.
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It’s true that Marian Holleman called on the services of the Fire Department a little more often than the average Del Mar resident, but the chiefs, captains, engineers, and paramedics didn’t mind a bit. They were very fond of her, and she and her husband Roy generously returned their sentiments with access to a family foundation that allowed them to upgrade their outdated fire station in a huge way.

Commercial appliances, including a Wolf range and two gleaming refrigerators, replaced a kitchen cobbled together decades ago. Pots and pans, gym equipment, mattresses, office chairs, recliners, and a new television have rounded out the update thus far, but best of all is that the department is still eligible for more funding if future grants are approved.
“This was really needed,” said Del Mar City Manager Scott Huth. “The Hollemans showed great generosity and the fire staff exercised initiative above and beyond all expectations. It’s not a normal thing to have staff take on these tasks, but they put in the extra effort to write the grants and get it done much faster than if it had been handled by the City.”

“Not only did they write the grants,” adds Huth, “they acted as the project managers of the kitchen remodel by coordinating the efforts of the fire staff, contractors, and even participating members of the fairgrounds, who own the property. With a huge amount of help from engineer Dave Read, an experienced craftsman, they built most of the kitchen themselves.”

“They spend a lot of time there,” says Huth, “and this helps them live much more comfortably in their home away from home.”





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