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Bob Gans | President Del Mar Foundation

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Can you imagine being a child growing up less than an hour’s drive from Del Mar, and never having seen the ocean or attended the Fair? Neither could the Board of the Foundation, until we were approached to provide a grant to support Plant*Grow*Eat. This incredible program targets elementary schools in neighboring communities populated largely by underprivileged children, helping them grow radishes and other crops for display at the Fair each year. Plant*Grow*Eat provides a turnkey operation for these schools: Volunteers travel to classrooms 1 to 2 months before the Fair, bearing seeds, gardening supplies, and advice on how to grow the plants. They check in periodically on the students’ progress, and coach the teachers on building a curriculum around this exercise. Once the Fair arrives, Plant*Grow*Eat – with the support of donors – provides buses free of charge to transport full classrooms to the Fair to display their crops, hopefully win a ribbon, and spend a fun-filled day enjoying the ocean air, touring other agricultural exhibits, and maybe even sneaking in a few rides.
That’s where the Del Mar Foundation came in to the picture. Our Board and Grants Committee were shocked to learn that it was so difficult for children living so close to Del Mar to experience its pleasures, and we were glad to grant funds that provided the means for 10 busloads of children from two elementary schools to visit our community while proudly displaying their crops. Part of our mission is to build community cohesiveness and preserve the beauty of Del Mar, and we believe that sharing our community with those who would otherwise have difficulty accessing its treasures goes a long way toward fulfilling both those goals. It was what we had in mind several years ago, when we provided a grant to the Wounded Warrior Project for the purchase of beach wheelchairs at the Del Mar Lifeguard station, making it easier for the physically disabled to enjoy this little slice of paradise. That grant was a huge success and, judging by the reactions of the dozens of children that many of us had the pleasure of meeting during the first week of June, this grant was equally successful. We are so grateful to our donors for making these grants possible.
If you or your organization needs funding for a worthwhile project designed to help make Del Mar a great place to live and play, then send us an email at info@delmarfoundation.org. And remember to follow us on Facebook (@DelMarFoundation) and Twitter (@DelMarFound).


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