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All Decked Out
Don Mosier | Rimini Road

All the major concrete pours for the new Civic Center are completed, and the podium deck that caps the garage is complete. The Town Hall’s 11 ft. high south and east sandstone-colored concrete walls have also been finished, and final work on retaining walls around the studio and small patio south of Town Hall is underway. The large pile of dirt at the northeast corner of the project is being leveled to form the base for landscaping the entrance plaza accessed from 11th Street and Camino Del Mar. Structural steel for the west wall of Town Hall is in place, and you will soon see the framing for both Town Hall and City Hall going up. Both buildings are on schedule to have exterior walls and roofs completed by October, before the next rainy season.

View from 11th Street looking southwest. Photos Don Mosier.
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Dirt from the garage excavation is redistributed to form the landscaped area for pedestrians entering the Civic Center plaza area. Structural steel beams for the west wall of Town Hall and the breezeway connecting to City Hall are visible in the background.

View from Camino Del Mar looking west.

The concrete east wall of Town Hall is visible in the foreground, and the steel beam supporting the west wall and breezeway is in the center of the picture. Steel forms for the roof over the TV studio and storage area are seen at the left side of the picture. The roof will form the base for a small patio and landscaping with a great view down 10th Street.

View from 10th Street looking northwest.

Sandstone-colored concrete walls are being completed to enclose the TV studio, storage area and utilities. The holes left by form ties will be filled when the walls are finished.



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