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Jeff Barnouw | Amphitheatre Drive

The Del Mar Farmers Market (DMFM) just completed its first year at its temporary location in the Upper Shores Park. The transition went well, and DMFM is grateful for the generous support given them by the Del Mar Foundation and the Del Mar Community Connections. They also appreciated the help provided by City staff.

Though the temporary location is only one and a half blocks from the old and future location, some of their customers have not made the transition. Compared with year-ago figures, says Treasurer Rita Meier, attendance and revenue are down almost 30%. DMFM President Leslie Robson recognizes that there are probably many contributing causes for this decline, but the difficulty of finding the market is certainly one. “We hope that those who may have forgotten about us will make an effort to find the market. We try to have a musician regularly, and have plenty of seating with shade. We even have an awning for dogs to lie in the grass and have water and a treat.”

The Market invites any of the other non-profits to set up a table or tent during market hours. They should contact Market Manager Fabian Huertas at (760) 453-9837. It’s nice to know that Dave Druker has resumed his practice from his first stint on the City Council and welcomes anyone to come and talk with him at the table he sets up monthly. The breezes and views make the temporary location a good spot for developing an informal forum for the community, chatting while shopping.

The Del Mar Farmers Market is located at 225 Ninth Street behind the Community Building.


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