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Roving Teen Reporters
Lily Inspires Sammy
Sammy Hallal | Torrey Pines High School Senior

Lily Nilipour.
Sandpiper Roving Teen Reporter 2016-2017. TPHS graduate 2017, heading to Stanford in the fall. Photo from TPHS 2017 yearbook.
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For the past year, Lily Nilipour served as the teen reporter for the Sandpiper, bringing with her the often-overlooked opinions of a younger, misunderstood generation. Now, however, as Lily heads off to Stanford University and passes the torch on to me, she is taking her passion for writing to an entirely new level.
Starting at a very young age—through reading and creating comic strips—Lily recognized the appeal and beauty of writing. During her time at Torrey Pines High School, Lily immersed herself in the world of writing through participating on her school’s newspaper, the Falconer, serving as a sports reporter for a high school sports company, publishing poems in the school’s literary magazine and much more.

Exploring various types of writing—particularly journalistic and creative—she has now developed an unwavering attraction to the subject, an interest that she aims to pursue at Stanford, where she plans to major in English and “explore the different areas of English literature and creative writing.” She hopes this will improve her writing and allow her to “do something more with it.”

Capitalizing on literally every opportunity to write that came her way, Lily has now built up experience writing in a wide array of mediums like fiction, analytical, journalistic and other styles. One that she practiced often was journalistic writing, reporting for three different news sources during her time at Torrey Pines.
“Journalistic writing is different from other types of writing because of its unique combination of style and fact,” Lily said. “Its purpose is to spread real, live information, but in a way that is interesting enough for people to keep reading, which I think fuses creative writing with analytical writing.”

While Lily enjoys creative writing over all other types because it “leaves more room for the imagination,” she recognizes the countless lessons she learned through journalism and her experiences at the Sandpiper, and how they have improved her writing overall.

“Working with the Sandpiper and interviewing students has taught me to be able to talk to people with different opinions and then be able to shape my own stories and writing based on the information I have,” Lily said. “It has also helped me articulate my opinions better and understand high school students’ role in modern society.”

Sammy Hallal.
TPHS Senior. New Sandpiper
Roving Teen Reporter.
Photo from TPHS 2017 yearbook.

I look forward to serving as the teen reporter for the Sandpiper and am excited to see what this opportunity will present. I hope that through my stories, like Lily, I can bring out new voices and shed light on the perspectives of a younger generation. Teenagers see the world through a different lens than other age groups, and their opinions tend to be neglected by adults and by their own peers, simply because of their age. This can lead to a disconnect between generations. Writing can be a very powerful method of communication, something that many teens—including Lily and myself—employ as a form of expression to make our views known to the rest of the world.

As Lily looks to the future, she hopes to continue to dive further and further into English while using her voice as a young writer to positively impact others.


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