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Let's Face It!
Freda Reid | Cuchara Drive

Let’s face it! Del Mar is NOT primarily a resident-serving community any more.
In fact, we are a tourist town with fine, well-guarded beaches and well-kept parks for all. We have a small population of fortunate citizens with interesting homes and an elegant city hall complex underway.

We do however favor the commercial side of town by efforts to bolster business with many incentives: priority for utility undergrounding on Camino del Mar, help with frontage vegetation, lenient sign ordinances, banner permits, street closures for tent sales, plans for “street improvements,” city financial contributions to the DMVA. Not to forget continuous work on parking management.

Add to this, acquiescence to large crowd and auto-inducing fairground and park events. Extra race days in the fall, Kaaboo, gun shows, race track concerts, summer Powerhouse concerts, a promised new concert venue, and recently a cannabis festival and the Breeder’s Cup. And most important, the several-week San Diego County Fair. Some of these items can benefit the residents of the city, but we put up with a lot to host them.

In our downtown I can buy gold, dog delights, vacation clothes, body makeovers, multiple haircuts, multiple nail fixes, multiple real estate options and, of course, an eclectic selection of meals.

But I cannot buy a toothbrush, a battery, a pencil, a light bulb or a loaf of bread. I have no sympathy when merchants complain. They are obviously not resident-oriented.

Give me a good bakery and I will personally keep it in business.


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