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Don Mosier | Rimini Road

View from Camino Del Mar and 10th Street looking northwest showing the forms for the walls of the Town Hall studio being erected. The outline of the new City Hall is visible in the background with rebar extensions highlighted by orange caps.
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The construction team continues to make rapid progress on the Civic Center project, with more concrete poured each week. Work is now focused on the northern end of the site that will support the public plaza and viewing deck north of the new City Hall. The outline of the studio and Town Hall building are now clear as forms for stem walls are being erected. The outline of the new City Hall building is also visible from the rebar extensions that will support the stem walls. The podium deck for the breezeway and public plaza is currently about 4 inches lower than the floors of Town Hall and City Hall because additional pavers will be added later. The garage level is nearly complete. The city reports that the construction team has moved their estimate of construction completion from February to March 2018, but that still allows adequate time for the installation of interior components by May 2018.

View from Camino Del Mar down 11th Street showing the north end of the parking garage and the wall supporting the public entry to the plaza. Photos Don Mosier.
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View from the future surface parking lot looking northeast. The pedestrian entrance to the garage is in the center, while the car entrance is partially visible at the far right. The northwest corner of the future City Hall can be seen above the scaffolding.
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