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The City expects to receive $350,000 in the new District Sales Tax for fiscal 2017, which ends on June 30, 2017. These revenues will be offset by a $175,000 one-time fee paid to the Board of Equalization.
The City Budgets for Fiscal years 2018 and 2019 include expected new Revenues for the 1% District Sales tax of $1.8 million per year. The 2017 revenues and these new budgeted revenues will be held in the General Fund in a Designated Reserve for District Sales Tax.

During the Budget Workshop the Staff presented an outline of how the funds could potentially be deployed during 2018 and 2019.
Below is their outline (in Thousands):

The above recommendation by Staff was not incorporated in the Budget and not approved by Council. It was presented as an initial concept for City Council review and consideration.

In June the City Council will appoint 5 members to a Measure Q Oversight Committee including 2 members of the Finance Committee, 2 at-large community members and 1 member of the business community. Below is the Committee’s mandate as published by the City:

“The purpose of the Measure Q Citizen Oversight Committee is to review, provide oversight, and report to the City Council on the revenue and expenditure of the Measure Q funds. The committee’s work program includes conducting semi-annual or as needed meetings to review the revenue and expenditures related to the use of Measure Q funds. A primary responsibility of the Committee is verifying that revenue from Measure Q are properly set aside for projects approved by the City Council and that related expenditures are accurately tracked. The Committee will make its reports to the City Council at a public meeting. The Oversight Committee will not be responsible for providing input on how Measure Q funds will be spent.”
In July the Council is expected to begin the process of deciding how the Measure Q funds will actually be spent. All discussions to date have focused around the three core areas reflected in the staff outline, however the July discussion could potentially be opened to other areas. This Council process will include some public outreach.

We should all pay attention to the Council Agendas to be sure the we get a chance to participate in the discussion.



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