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Sustainable smoothies and more
Don Mosier | Rimini Road

Randy Gruber and K.C. Vafiadis, the perfect tenant:landlord
relationship. Photo Don Mosier.
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Long-time Del Mar resident and owner of Americana, Randy Gruber, has opened a new take out food and juice bar next to his restaurant. Elixir features organic, locally sourced fruits and vegetables that are cold-pressed into an amazing variety of juices and smoothies that are bottled daily onsite. Many of the drinks feature house-sprouted organic almond mylk (lest you confuse it with the cow-sourced product) including organic coffee and expresso drinks. There is also locally sourced kombucha on tap, as well as a variety of gluten-free bread and bakery items sourced from The Curious Fork in Solana Beach. There are tasty sandwiches available for lunch, and new treats to try every day. Their paninis are delicious.

Randy was clearly excited to be starting a new venture, and he has committed to serving a local clientele with sustainable practices. There is a $1 refund for glass bottles that are then cleaned and reused. All products are recyclable, and the local sourcing reduces the environmental impact of transportation. He really is setting a model for business practices in Del Mar that reflect well on our community.

Starting a new commercial venture in Del Mar is not without its risks, and Randy credits his landlord, K.C. Vafiadis, with being a big supporter in offering the space and helping with city permits. K.C. joined Randy and me during my visit, and is clearly enthusiastic about her tenant and his new business. I was amazed at how efficiently the 848 square feet space was organized, and at the variety of products offered.



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