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Law Enforcement:
Random Excerpts from Study

To be effective, a community policing model requires law enforcement personnel who have longevity and the capacity to not just “patrol” the city, but “serve” the city. This is achieved through relationship building, public appearances, collaboration and communication with the businesses and residents of the community. This enables greater input and feedback and problem solving and works to establish trust and familiarity with law enforcement personnel.

Note: We encourage you to read the entire 53-page report on both Sandpiper and City websites.

A stand-alone Police Department which incorporates the City’s existing Ranger Program and Parking Enforcement efforts would allow for a community-based policing model that provides Del Mar with continuity, better response times and additional staff at a reduced annual cost.

1. Costs. The current contract cost totals $2.1 million. Costs have risen steadily at an average of 4% annually over the last 5 years.

2. Slow response times especially for Priority 3 and 4 calls (reckless driving, hit and run, loud parties, prowler, vandalism, trespass, alarm activation, family disturbance, group disturbance, etc.)…the actual response times call into question whether Del Mar is receiving its contracted one officer 24/7 level of service

3. Lack of patrol presence.

4. Frequent turnover of Sheriff’s Deputies and Management
These four key factors would not be acceptable if found in our other City provided services.

Ongoing operational costs of Police Department would include salaries, benefits, pension, overtime, workers comp, equipment maintenance, services and supplies, training, insurance, and legal services…will fall under the new pension reform regulations…we are obligated under our current contract to pay for Sheriff pension costs.

Del Mar’s total law enforcement annual cost is $2.7. The estimated costs for the Del Mar Police Department (not including one-time start-up costs of $2-3 million) is $2.3. Annual savings could recover the projected start-up costs in 5-7 years.
If the community wants a department that has the same level of familiarity, involvement, and approachability as other City Departments, then a Del Mar Police Department is one of the few ways of achieving that desire. Significantly increased personnel, supervision and services will certainly result in greatly reduce response times, greater continuity, and increased community involvement.
It is important to note that the Sheriff’s Department staff, Del Mar’s Park Ranger, and the Parking Enforcement staff that serve Del Mar are a highly professional staff and serve the Del Mar community very well.


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