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City Waiting for Cure
Don Mosier | Rimini Road

The parking garage level is now full of scaffolding supports for the podium deck forms above. These will be removed once the
concrete has cured in about 2-4 weeks.
Photos Don Mosier.
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Construction of new City Hall and Town Hall has advanced rapidly the past month. The southern two-thirds of the parking garage is nearly complete, and the RABC-ECC crew has started work on the podium deck/garage roof. The first portion completed was the southeast corner near 10th Street and Camino Del Mar, the concrete floor for the new Town Hall. This portion will also house the Emergency Operations Center, and is 14 inches thick with literally tons of rebar. Forms and rebar were completed on March 31st and concrete trucks began arriving every 3 minutes on April 3rd.

Work on the rest of the podium deck has progressed while the concrete from the April 3rd pour is curing. The project is now ahead of schedule, and the rain delays seem like a bad memory.

Construction activity now covers the entire site, and the walls and floor for the north end of the parking garage will be completed soon. Kudos to the construction team for making up for lost time.

Workers scurrying to complete form work for podium deck pour on Friday, March 31st. View from 10th and Camino Del Mar
looking northwest.
The big concrete pour on Monday, April 3rd. The picture was taken from the same viewpoint as March 31st photo.
Rebar extending above the podium deck outlines the position of the new TV studio and part of the new Town Hall in the southeast corner of the site (lower left of photo) while forms are being installed for the deck under the new City Hall (upper right of photo).




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