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Double Your Money
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Jeff Barnouw.
Photo Bill Morris.
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The editors (all volunteers) of the Sandpiper, its donors, and its Board Members (The Del Mar Community Alliance) are pinching themselves. One of our own, Del Mar resident and fellow editor Jeff Barnouw, has offered a challenge/match grant of up to $6000 per year for each of the next three years to cover production and distribution of the Sandpiper. For a publication that accepts no advertising (a truly free press), this could translate to the funding of many editions that we sometimes count pennies to produce.

We need the help of our readers (whether you love us or wrap fish with us), and the rules are simple. Jeff will match any “new” money, which can be from existing donors who contribute more than their pledges, or from new donors who give any amount in the coming year. When we have raised $6000 of “new money” Jeff’s grant will be closed out for that year.

Jeff, who’s owned a home in Del Mar since 1969, but has spent many years teaching out of state, has whole-heartedly thrown himself into civic activities since his full-time return in 2010. “In my early years in Del Mar,“ he explains, “I was here, but not quite ‘here,’ since I was teaching elsewhere. I was even a part of developing the Community Plan, but didn’t play a large role since I had a postdoc in Germany in 1972-74. It was good to get back, and I’ve joined things that really interest me.” Among them are the Board of Del Mar Community Connections, the Del Mar Historical Society, the Del Mar Lagoon Committee, and the San Dieguito River Park (SDRP) both as a “dust devil” doing trail maintenance, and as Chair of the Citizens Advisory Committee which gives him a seat on the Board of the SDRP Joint Powers Authority.

So why, we asked, was the Sandpiper the lucky beneficiary of his generosity? For starters, he says, his late wife, Dagmar Barnouw, a pre-eminent scholar of the intellectual and cultural history of Germany who died in 2008, left him in a position to be generous. “She consistently earned twice what I did, and I invested it well, so a lot of my comfort and capacity is thanks to Dagmar.” “And the Sandpiper,” he feels, “is a pluralistic model. It doesn’t represent just a fraction of Del Mar, offers a forum for fruitful disagreement, helps civility, and doesn’t homogenize. It’s an important engine of the community.”

Please stay tuned to the Sandpiper for more information on how you can make your donation to us go twice as far.


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