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Unknown Eater
Those lamb chops!

The Unknown Eater visits Beesalt Balcony in Del Mar. On the second floor above Camino Del Mar, on the east side at 12th Street, this is a wonderful find. Patio views to the west and not too much road noise below. Outdoors under a covered deck where heaters are available if needed. Friends and I had dinner here recently and enjoyed several starters including Bee’s Board, a mix of cheeses and Italian Salami followed with a trio of dips and pita; all were satisfying. The lamb chops, double-cut, are a hit; the Paella is balanced and the salmon filet was well prepared. The salads were a good accompaniment with Greek infusion. The staff was welcoming and helpful. The food was warm and inviting. Did I mention the lamb chops? Conversation can carry on without shouting. A reasonable selection of wine and beers is available. The prices were in the middle range. Beesalt is walkable and is worth a visit!



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