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SIXTEEN acres and Whadaya Get?
Bud Emerson | Klish Way

A large 16-acre blufftop, oceanfront parcel will soon be proposed for new development in Del Mar. The property is located in the furthermost northwest corner of Del Mar, bordered by Dog Beach in the south, Solana Beach city limit on the north, and Camino Del Mar on the east (across from the Brigantine restaurant). The site is adjacent to four acres of city owned walking paths overlooking the beach and race track.

The preliminary concept for the site is a mix of resort buildings, restaurants, and meeting space in addition to public spaces based on suggestions from the community.

The developers, Robert Green Company and Zephyr, say they want to “maximize opportunities for the community to enjoy this incredible space.”

An outline of the planning process, including community involvement, will be announced soon.

The new owners have experience in developing high end and mixed use properties in Carlsbad, Dana Point, Balboa Park, Palo Alto, Jackson, San Diego, and La Quinta.



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