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Succulent Success
Julie Hill | Caminito Del Pasaje

Susan Pfleeger, Diane Hall and friends. Photo Julie Hill.
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Every year, the Garden Club hosts a Community Meeting as an educational program to thank citizens for their support. At this year’s meeting, the Powerhouse was full despite the storm to hear Jeff Moore, Owner of Solana Succulents, speak to the title of his book of the same name, Under the Spell of Succulents. Pat Welsh. Longtime Delmartian and bestselling author did the intro, reminding all that the drought still had a hold on California because our aquafers are not totally restored. So succulent gardening is still the order of the day, and beauty and variety can be had if only we look a bit deeper into what is available. Pat cited Jeff’s “ Underwater Garden” at the Home Show that “blew her away.”

Jeff showed successful succulent gardens in different So Cal locations, plus individual plants that most of us did not know existed. The range of colors, especially in Aloes and Agaves ( the title of his newest book) was remarkable. Purples and Oranges, Yellows and all shades of Good Old Green, filled the screen and the table of plants for sale. One agave had large leaves with purple brushstrokes in perfect order. Whaletooth agave was shown in groups that put the displays at the Home Show within reach for home gardeners.

Jeff showed the Spiral Agave, the hit of the talk, growable at higher elevations. Perfect spiral layers in seafoam green made us all want to head for the hills. But most of what Jeff showed and talked about was for the here and now, and since we may think the Drought may be fixable soon, population increase in San Diego will put demand for water at increasing levels, and so our landscape must follow suit. But no sacrifices need be in order…everything we saw was Sunset Magazine worthy.

The Del Mar Garden Club installed and maintains the gardens at the Post Office, Community Center, Library, and Main Lifeguard Station next to Poseidon. We are a working Club, and we can be seen with our gloves and clippers at each location on a regular basis. We have installed medians and corner gardens in the Village of Del Mar. Yes, we accept and welcome donations. Please send your monetary good will to Kathy Finnell, President, PO Box 2832, Del Mar, Ca. 92014. Thank you in advance.



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