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Pooch Protection Passes
Scott MacDonald | Luzon Avenue

In the most recent legislative session, the State of California passed new legislation called the Canine Protective Services (CPS2) Act. Modeled after the CPS (Children’s Protective Services), the CPS2 requires the State and cities in the State to protect canine residents from abuse. According to Margret Boxer, Director of the Canine Action Group, “Canine mistreatment has increased in recent years to unacceptable levels, and this bill is overdue.”

The legislation includes a provision requiring employers to give employees 30 days paid leave when they adopt a rescue dog. This provision, called “pawternity leave,” encourages adoption of rescue dogs from certified animal shelters and provides for a transition period for dogs, many of whom have been mistreated.
Under the legislation, each city is required to establish a canine protection administrator. At the Del Mar City Council meeting Monday, Feb. 13, the Council agreed to set up an ad hoc committee to formulate rules and regulations. Anyone interested in serving on the new ad hoc committee should apply at City Hall. The Committee will have 7 members, including at least 2 dogs.

According to State Representative Paul Wolf, sponsor of the bill, it is time to recognize our four-legged citizens and protect them. He cited several unacceptable conditions which are now illegal in California:

• Failure to keep the water bowl filled
• Failure to provide nourishing food at least twice daily
• Failure to reward good behavior with treats
• Failure to keep dogs vaccinated
• Failure to provide sufficient exercise (for example)
• At least 200 throws of tennis balls per week
• Tug of war competition at least twice a week
• Multiple walks daily
• Failure to make available a supply of sticks, pinecones, or bones to chew
• Failure to provide socialization time such as play dates with other canines
• Deliberately humiliating a dog
• Pretending to throw the ball but only faking the throw
• Picking up dog poop before the dog has time to finish or move away
• Walking a dog on the beach or in a dog park while on an attached leash
• Unfairly punishing a dog
• Yelling at a dog because he or she is barking at another dog walking by
• Punishing a dog for chewing items left readily accessible like shoes
• Punishing a dog when he or she does not come when called if the dog is occupied consuming discarded food or trash
• Failure to provide shelter
• Providing a suitable bed such as the master bed
• Providing access to couches and soft chairs
• Providing an opportunity for at least 16 hours a day of sleep
• Abandoning a dog
• Failure to take the dog on trips including walks to Starbucks
• Leaving the dog home alone when it is not nap time

Punishment for the above violations varies but usually includes more treats for the affected dog. More details will be available after the ad hoc committee finishes its work.



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