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Metered Compromise
Ira Sharp | Crest Road

Last month City Council approved a controversial agreement with the Coastal Commission that allows 149 new metered parking spaces in the North Beach and Via de la Valle area, but also reduces the current “no overnight” parking restriction to only two hours, from 2 to 4 a.m. The Commission had challenged the City’s request for a Coastal Permit to add metered parking with a parking rate of up to $3 per hour, which the Commission stated was higher than in other Coastal cities. They also questioned whether Del Mar had obtained approval for the installation and changed rates of existing coastal parking meters as well as signage limiting parking after 10 p.m. in the beach community.

Faced with the possibility of costly litigation the City negotiated with Commission staff and took a proposed agreement to its Traffic and Parking Advisory Committee. The Committee recommended approval and after some debate the Council approved the agreement 4 to 1 with Mayor Sinnott opposed.
The changes that you are likely to notice are in three categories:

1. Parking Meters
All 392 meters in the coastal area of the City are covered by the agreement. The rate at these parking spaces is variable to a maximum of $3 per hour; when parking is plentiful because of the season or the weather, the rate will fall. Meters can be active between 8AM and 10PM. The maximum rate for a day is $15.

2. Parking Locations
Meters will be installed on the south side of Border Avenue, the east side of CDM at North Beach, on the south side of VDLV and at the south end of the City approaching Carmel Valley Road. They will likely be some iteration of pay and display, possibly with sensors that will zero the remaining time on the meter when a car leaves the space.

3. Parking Signage
All signs which restrict overnight parking are subject to the agreement. Signs which currently read no parking between 10 PM and early morning hours must be removed. Most will be replaced with signs that prohibit parking between 2AM and 4AM. No signs restricting overnight parking will be allowed between VDLV and the San Dieguito River mouth on either side of CDM. DM laws prohibiting sleeping in vehicles are not affected by the change in signage.



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