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Gem at the Plaza
Tom Sohn | 26th Street

Photo Tom Sohn.  Click to enlarge.

Much has been made lately about the Plaza, its lack of vibrant stores or its recent change to local ownership. Regardless, one gem (pun intended) you shouldn’t miss as you walk down Camino Del Mar is Made In Earth. If you simply pass by, it is your loss.

Made In Earth is a jewelry brand focusing on semi-precious gemstones, sourced from across the globe and in some cases, even outer space (yes, outer space). Opened in 2015, the Del Mar gallery joined Made In Earth’s other locations in Venice Beach, California, New York, New York and Melbourne, Victoria Australia. In Del Mar, there are over 230 gemstones on-site including crystals, fossils and meteorites (outer space!). The types of jewelry are quite diverse as each stone is made into various pieces including pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets.
In addition to the beauty and visual uniqueness of each piece, every stone maintains some form of spiritual significance. For example, wearing the tourmalinated quartz (found in Brazil) grants strength and protection while the dendritic opal (found in Australia) aids in stress management.

During my visit, I had the benefit of visiting with Made In Earth’s founder, creative director and head designer, Bunny Bedi. Bunny himself has a unique background having been a chef for 10 years prior to founding Made In Earth. A native of Australia, Bunny founded his first store in 1999 in Australia. Bunny took the time to walk me through many of the stones, their origin and their spiritual significance. Bunny has in-depth knowledge of each gemstone and how it was made. It truly is amazing to see what the earth is capable of producing and Made In Earth has done a tremendous job in offering meaningful and beautiful jewelry containing this magic.



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