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March Sandpiper
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Three is Better Than One
Don Mosier | Rimini Road

The new Civic Center project continues on time and on budget despite the wetter than expected weather. The installation of a new roundabout at Jimmy Durante and San Dieguito Drive has begun, and the second phase of the Riverwalk pathway project along the north side of San Dieguito Drive is almost complete. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here are five thousand words worth in my own photos below.

Two Road Closed signs are better than one. 11th Street was closed for 3 days for water and sewer connections to the new
Civic Center.   Photos Don Mosier.  Click to enlarge.
View north from 10th Street where vehicles will enter the garage. Finished width will be 24 feet (the Bobcat is about 6 feet wide).   Click to enlarge.
Rebar in position for pouring concrete for the deck that will support City Hall. The deck under Town Hall will be even thicker since it will also serve as Emergency Operations Center for the city. Two hundred fifty people dancing will be well supported.
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Relocation of the drainage system for the San Dieguito River bridge and new roundabout. These improvements will help protect the environmentally sensitive site close to the San Dieguito River. Click to enlarge.
View of the new Riverpath Del Mar extension looking east down San Dieguito Drive. This section will be completed with addition of decomposed granite in the coming weeks. Further east, a concrete pathway has been completed alone the north side of San Dieguito Drive, providing an alternative route from the parking lot to the new trail and much improved pedestrian access to the local businesses.    Click to enlarge.



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