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Del Mar Votes
November Presidential Election
Dave Druker | 10th Street

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How the State, the County,
and Del Mar voted

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Del Mar pretty consistently voted in the same pattern as both the State of California and San Diego County. Some interesting highlights:

1. For County Board of Supervisors Del Mar strongly supported our neighbor Dave Roberts. But Kristin Gaspar was narrowly elected.

2. For Del Mar Union School District Darren Gretler was our second choice compared to the winner, Stephen Cochrane.

3. Del Mar voted against Prop 55, the Tax Extension for Education and Healthcare. Perhaps because many of our citizens will be affected by the tax.

4. Del Mar was staunchly for raising the Cigarette Tax, Prop 56 – voting 72% compared to 64% statewide.

5. Del Mar voted for repeal of the Death Penalty, Prop 62, however it lost in both the State and County of San Diego.

6. Del Mar voted for the Prop 63, regulation of Firearms and Ammunition Sales. Del Mar 74%, statewide 63% .

7. Del Mar voted 64% for Marijuana Legalization, Prop 64 compared to 57% Statewide and the County.

8. Del Mar voted 65% for Plastic Bag ban, Prop 67 while Statewide 53%.

9. Del Mar voted 68% against Measure B, the gigantic Lilac Hills development which was defeated countywide 64%.

10. For US Senate Del Mar voted Harris over Sanchez 69-31%.

11. For our Congressional District, we chose Applegate over Issa 58-42%. Issa lost in the San Diego portion of his district, but his margin in the Orange County portion put his total vote narrowly over the top.

12. For President we voted Clinton 62-32% over Trump. Trump also lost statewide and nation-wide in the popular vote, but won enough electoral college seats to win the White House.
Del Mar voter turnout was 88% compared to 80% county wide and 75% statewide.



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