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New boutique Hotel plan
Ann Gardner | Via Latina

Back to where we started from: Garden Del Mar project site visited by community leaders on June 5th, 2009. Photo Ann Gardner.
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A new specific plan is in the works for the corner of 10th and Camino del Mar, site of the 2008 voter approved “Garden Del Mar” Specific Plan. The Garden Del Mar Specific Plan encompassed 19,650 square feet of restaurant, retail and office space on the 25,000 square foot lot. But the property went into foreclosure before any construction began and was sold at auction in 2013. The new owners are starting over with a draft 30-plus room boutique hotel design with underground parking.

Kitchell Development Company submitted their application before Del Mar’s updated Citizens’ Participation Program (CPP) was approved by City Council last November, but are still incorporating many of the new CPP requirements. Neighbors of the proposed project have already attended one CPP gathering to get information on the proposed two-story development. Using feedback from that meeting the applicant is working on plans to be presented at a second CPP meeting to be held at City Hall. Public notice for that meeting will be posted a minimum of 28 days in advance and story poles will be placed at the site.

Following the second meeting, the applicant will provide a summary report to the City of how community feedback was incorporated into the final design. Pending approval by the Design Review Board, Planning Commission and City Council the project will then go to a public vote.

Del Mar’s Measure B requires voter approval for properties in the downtown Central Commercial District larger than 25,000 square feet and/or projects proposing more than 11,500 square feet of development. The proposed development is about 20,000 square feet for the 30-plus hotel rooms and other amenities: courtyards, larger suites, restaurant and lounge. The owners have commented that they feel Del Mar is their biggest amenity and see the hotel as adding to the small scale ambiance of a seaside village.



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