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What the Kids are Saying
James, age 9 and Liam, age 10

There are many great single person sports like skiing, surfing, and golf, but being involved in team sports is also important.

It is important because it builds teamwork. For instance, when you’re playing rugby, everyone on the team needs to cooperate in order to be successful, to learn to how to work together. Also, rugby teaches you to play fair because if you don’t play fair it could be dangerous and you could hurt someone and you could get a penalty or kicked out of the game.

Team sports involves making decisions, building confidence, and trusting your team mates. which are very good life skills. For instance, football is a sport that you need to use your brain to make important decisions, especially for the running back and the quarterback position.

Team sports are also very important because you can bond more with your teammates and build friendships and to have fun while you are having some great exercise.

Working together, decision making, and building friendships are all great benefits of team sports.



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