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Tails From My Heart
Barley Gaylord | Ocean Front

Will you be mine?
Photo Lynn Gaylord.
  Cassie Morris and I have been
corresponding on Dinder (popular
doggie dating site), but haven’t actually met, yet.
Photo Bill Morris.
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Valentine’s Day? You want me to wear what on my head? Do I get a treat for posing like this? What is it that you keep asking me, Who is my Valentine? Who do I love? Hmmm.... What is this thing called “love?” And if I understand you correctly, Lynn, you said my heart is physically near my stomach? That makes this question a little easier!

I like my packs. My heart belongs to them. One pack is my humans. We have a deal: I protect them and they feed me. They insist I cuddle with them too but I don’t mind. They make me put on silly things too but I don’t mind. My other pack is at the Shores. There we dogs run around like animals in the wild. We chase each other. We chase balls. We sniff each other’s behinds to see where the food supply is and we practice our barking skills. Lots of fun!



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