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Concrete Progress
Make Haste While the Sun Shines
Don Mosier | Rimini Road

Assistant City Manager Kristen Crane arriving for her weekly meeting with the construction team. All photos by Don Mosier.
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Pouring the concrete walls for the elevator tower connecting the garage level with the upper deck.
Construction of the new City Hall and Town Hall are proceeding according to schedule despite several rain days with more to come. I visited the site on January 18th when everyone was working hard to beat the next storm. The crew was pouring concrete for the east wall of the garage, the columns for the deck that will support the buildings, and the walls of the elevator tower that will take visitors from the parking garage to the plaza and city hall entrance. The 10 foot high privacy wall along the western edge of the property was finished several weeks ago except for two plywood sections that allow SDG&E access for transformers to be installed later. These gaps will be finished once SDG&E completes their work.
Pumping concrete into column forms to support
upper deck.

I was impressed that construction activity covered the entire 68,000-square-foot lot. In addition to construction trailers, there are storage sheds for equipment, tons of rebar for future concrete work, electrical conduits in various sizes, and lots of measures to prevent mud and water from getting off the site. Special Project Manager Tom Howard has been monitoring daily progress for the city, and Assistant City Manager Kristen Crane and Tom meet with the construction team weekly. Updates are provided at each council meeting and on the city website.
If the weather cooperates, we all look forward to completion of the project by April or May of 2018 and a beautiful new civic center for all our residents to enjoy.



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