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Sandpiper Welcomes Three new Editors
Art Olson | Avenida Primavera

New members attend their first Editorial Board meeting in January.  Insets from left: Tom Sohn, Dolores Davies, Don Mosier.
Standing: Jeff Barnouw, Tom Sohn, Dolores Davies, Nancy Fisher, Don Mosier.  Seated: Art Olson, Bud Emerson, Betty Wheeler, Virginia Lawrence.  (Ann Gardner was not present at the meeting.)
Photo Art Olson.
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Along with the new year the Sandpiper welcomed three new members to its Editorial Board, Dolores Davies, Don Mosier and Tom Sohn. Each brings a fresh perspective along with experience and skills that will help shape the content and impact of our publication.

Dolores Davies has lived in Del Mar for about 25 years, and has worked as a communications director in various capacities at UCSD over this time. Given her profession, she is well steeped in journalism and is eager to put that expertise to work informing and explaining to readers issues of interest and concern to Del Mar residents. A writer by trade she loves digging deep to uncover truths or facts that have been undiscovered or escaped notice. She is currently interested in exploring the issue of policing in Del Mar. As a resident who is increasingly aware of certain types of local crime, she wants to understand all the variables that come into play in the upcoming decisions by the city regarding the proposal to establish its own police force.

Don Mosier is well-known to most of Del Mar, having served as a City Council member for the past eight years, and as Mayor for some of that time. He recently retired from his position as a researcher and professor at The Scripps Research Institute, where his work focused on HIV/AIDS. As a scientist he continues to be interested in problem solving by taking into account all the available data and gathering new information as needed. As applied to City policy he sees this as arriving at the best possible solution with the fewest negative consequences, and then following up to improve the imperfect solution. Don sees the Sandpiper’s role as informing Del Mar citizens of what is happening in Del Mar that impacts their lifestyle and the ongoing implementation of the Community Plan.

Tom Sohn is a native of Michigan. He graduated from the University of Michigan and is an avid U of M sports fan. He obtained his Law degree from the University of San Diego. Tom moved to Del Mar in 1999, and has been an active Del Mar citizen, having served as a member and Chair of the Design Review Board, and currently serving as Vice Chair of the Shores Park Advisory Committee. Tom sees the role of the Sandpiper as keeping the residents of Del Mar informed and supporting the City of Del Mar residents and businesses in their endeavors. He is particularly interested in following the City Council discussion and actions, as well as contributing to Sandpiper editorials.

When asked about potential changes that they would like to see in the Sandpiper, each had constructive suggestions. Dolores would like the Sandpiper writers to function as “citizen journalists,” reporting in a way that is balanced and evenhanded. She also would like to see more “point - counterpoint” articles, as well as a greater variety of content, including humor, Q&As, and resident profiles.

Tom would also like to have more citizen spotlight articles. He sees many Del Mar residents as interesting and accomplished people and would love to see the Sandpiper write more about them. Don would like to see the Sandpiper make a clearer distinction between reporting and editorial opinion.

In the opinion of this reporter, we are fortunate to have these talented and active citizen members “on board.”


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