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A Time For Grants
Bob Gans | DMF President

This is the time of year that your favorite non-profits typically make a big pitch for your support. While the Foundation is no exception, we would like to make another request this year: Let us help you!

The Foundation currently earmarks $40,000 each year for grants to worthy local causes, an amount that we hope to double within the next five years with the success of our ongoing Community Builder campaign. Over the past several years, we have put hundreds of thousands of dollars to work in support of the Del Mar Lifeguards, Community Connections, the San Dieguito Joint River Conservancy, the Wounded Warrior Project, Free Flight Bird Sanctuary, Del Mar TV, CERT, the Del Mar Historical Society, and more. We are grateful to our numerous supporters, and are anxious to put their donation dollars to work.

If you are involved in a local not for profit organization in need of seed funding for a new program, or for a capital project that will benefit the community, we are ready to help. Our grant process is collaborative, and our goal is for every application to be successful. Upon receiving a completed application, our Grants Committee assigns two of its members to meet with the applicant to understand its needs, provide a preliminary indication of the extent to which the Foundation is likely to be able to provide support, and then work with the applicant to strengthen the request and improve the chances of success. The full Grants Committee then reviews the finalized application with the committee representatives who worked with the applicant typically serving as advocates for the request. While we do not have the resources to fulfill every need, this process has resulted in more successes than failures, while reducing the stress level for applicants.

The first step is to download a grant application from our website at delmarfoundation.org. If you have questions about the information requested on the application, or even if you would like help filling it out, please contact our administrative director, Jan Barnes, at 858-635-1363 or info@delmarfoundation.org.

We look forward to supporting your good works, and wish you a happy and healthy holiday season!



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