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Don Glatthorn | Watermark Del Mar Team

Obtaining community input, listening, and providing design options are critical parts of the development process. With the Watermark Del Mar project, we committed to a Specific Plan process for the project that included an open and transparent public involvement program. This process was adopted by the Del Mar City Council in July 2014. Since that time, we have participated in more than thirty community outreach meetings with stakeholders and interested parties, which has provided a wide range of responses to our proposal, from enthusiastic support to active opposition.

As a result, we are bringing forward two options for the community to evaluate - the original 48-unit proposal and a new 38-unit proposal which we call the Community Response Alternative (CRA). The CRA addresses numerous important and valid concerns that we have heard. The changes are substantial. They reflect our sincere effort to bring forward options to the community which reasonably address the valuable inputs we have received over the past three years.

From the outset, our number one priority has been to design an exemplary collection of homes that enhance the community and stand on their own merit. I want the people of Del Mar to know that we respect and share their passionate love for this community and the active role they play in protecting its quality of life. If approved, Watermark Del Mar will be a place where I would be proud to have my family and friends live.

We invite you to visit our website at WatermarkDelMar.com to learn more about the CRA and how it addresses comments that have been shared by the community.



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