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Tails From the Library
Barley Gaylord

Judy Macomber explaining pipes and
tubes to me.   Photo Lynn Gaylord.
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Raised beds? Drought tolerant? Edible landscaping? What does this all mean? Lynn brought me to the Library where a very nice woman, Judy Macomber, www.petloverspublications.com, talked about how to have a pet-friendly garden. She said dogs like lavender, butterfly bush, geraniums, nasturtium, star daisy, hibiscus, and many more. I think I agree but I have only tried grass.

Judy also talked about how to watch your pet and see where their patterns are in the garden, where they like to sleep, walk, dig, etc. She had a lot of good ideas about making some areas shady for me. I liked that. She also talked about how a dog can be trained to dig in a certain area by hiding treats in a mound of sand. Truffle-hunting happens to be in my DNA so I understand this training. I had a better idea about digging, though, which I tried to explain to her and finally just showed her a picture. I have yet to find a truffle at the beach but do have to keep up my training just in case.

Me digging for truffles. Photo Lynn Gaylord.
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And finally, just before we left, Sissy Alsabrook and Lynn were asking a lot of questions about how to make a fun park for us at the Shores and what kind of grass or surface would be good. I would be curious to know if any of my buddies have ever played in pipes or tubes or things like that? That’s where Judy lost me, but I do love our Shores Park and all my buddies! We are so lucky to live in Del Mar!


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