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T. Pat Stubbs
T. Pat Stubbs | Forest Way

Well elections are over and the people in Del Mar have spoken. I want to congratulate Ellen, Dave and Sherryl and wish them well in their role as City Council Members. This was Del Mar’s first contested election in 10 years. While there can be negative aspects of contested elections, I think some positive things came out of this election.

The election brought to light a number of issues facing Del Mar - creating a vibrant community, adequate law enforcement, short term rentals, beach and bluff access etc. The issues were thoroughly and publicly discussed. Residents became aware of these issues and the candidates positions – a very good thing.

Through Meet & Greets and candidate forums, residents and candidates had the opportunity to discuss issues and outline their positions. We saw candidates who had certain positions at the beginning of the campaign, change their position in response to hearing what residents actually wanted – another very good thing.
As I said in my last email, this was an important election for all of us. I want to thank everyone, whether you supported me or not, for being involved and caring about our community. Now we need to support our new City Council Members and work together to solve the issues facing our community. Please get involved -- attend city council and committee meetings. I look forward to seeing you there, and out and about in Del Mar!

Thank you and Goodbye for now…



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