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Ellen Haviland
Ellen Haviland | Rimini Road

Thank you to the many people who helped me during campaign season. I truly appreciate the bravery of those who opened their door when they saw a tall stranger outside with a clipboard! I learned a lot about our city and the many ideas about what needs to be addressed by our next Council.

We are a city with many plans. We have a Community Plan that preserves and protects our beautiful neighborhoods, natural features and encourages a vibrant downtown. We have the Finnell Plan that imposes fiscal responsibility. We have a Climate Action Plan that shows how to reduce the impacts of climate change. With these plans as a guide, I will work with the community, city staff, and fellow council members to address issues such as short-term rentals, updating our design review process and improving our downtown.

I am honored to serve as your Councilwoman and look forward to the work ahead.



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