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David Druker
Dave Druker | 10th Street

Thank you to all of the voters in Del Mar for voting in this past election. Most likely over 85% of the registered voters exercised their right to vote in this crucial election.

Congratulations to Ellie and Sherryl! I look forward to working with you on the critical issues facing Del Mar.

Thank you to T. Pat, Al and Jim for running in this past election. As we have not had an election in over 10 years for city council, this made this election a reflection on the future of Del Mar.

The City Council will have many issues to discuss over the next few years. Immediately, we need to look at the following issues:

1. Short Term Rental Businesses
2. The impact of the parking proposal by the Coastal Commission
3. Effective Policing
4. The implementation of Measure Q
5. Access to the beach and bluff across the railroad tracks.
6. Representation on regional boards by City Council Members
7. Response to Measure R
8. Annual Goal Setting
9. Regular Meeting Schedule for 2017

In my walking the neighborhoods of Del Mar I found that residents want to ensure that:

1. The City Council makes deliberative and reasonable decisions
2. The city embarks on projects that do not unduly affect one group of residents over another
3. The city needs to engage the residents so that more can be heard.

My vision of Del Mar will be based upon the three reasons we all moved here:

1. The beach
2. Being a small town with the ability to have impact on how the city is developed
3. Being a city that is separate yet having easy access to our neighboring communities.

I am honored to be selected again by the citizens of Del Mar. I look forward to working on the current issues and issues as they arise over the next four years.
See you at the Farmers’ Market.



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