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Remembering Tony
Shirley King | Avenida Primavera

Photo Benedict (Benjo) Masilungan.
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Our dearly esteemed and adored friend and Sandpiper editor Tony Corso died at home cared for by loving partner Benjo, family and beloved cat on November 20, 2016.

His contributions to our community cannot be captured in number because his affection for Del Mar, his neighbors, friends, the environment, the animals and the essence of living with respect for all was boundless. His response to our invitation to join our editorial board was “I thought you would never ask, of course I want to work for the Sandpiper.” He brought tremendous philosophical depth to our discussions that were also infused with his self-effacing humor and ever-present optimism. He wrote with particular care of the fascinating but little known details of those he interviewed. No doubt his mile-wide smile and his sartorial flair could charm to the surface more facts. He was equally generous with all of us - especially with his unconditional encouragement of our work and admiration for our lives. To Tony everything had an upside.

With his multi-faceted professional and religious education and throughout his dynamic career in City planning, Tony was known as a bottom up urban planner, starting the process with grassroots groups in underserved communities. He knew the importance of gaining the support of residents and those who were disenfranchised. He appreciated the amount of time that should be devoted to a community’s constituents, and he logged many hours organizing those voices. Most recently in his retired years he joined in some pioneer organizing work south of the border, one project with a group of nuns working on the challenges of poverty in barrios. He always brought a wonderful combination of distant caring and interpersonal caring. The challenges in these neglected communities was never too much for Tony to find an approach.

Tony was an devoted advocate for taking good care of everything living and growing in our world. He was terribly grieved about the destruction to our planet through climate change, and he would be the first to encourage us to take every mindful step we can to intervene. He has left us with many insights and convictions about how to live a caring life. We miss Tony deeply.

This photo illustrated Tony’s article “Home Run vs Dog Run”
published in the November 2011 issue of the Sandpiper. Tony
joined the Sandpiper Board in February 2009. In all he wrote
about 80 articles for the Sandpiper. To see his articles go
to the archives page and scroll down.
Photo Tony Corso.



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