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What the Kids are Saying:
How To Be a Good Loser
James 9 yrs and Liam 10 yrs

Liam, Age 10 on left. James, Age 9 on right.
Photo Carol Kerridge.
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Most of the friends that I play with, know how to be good losers. It’s election time for City Council, and there will definitely be some losers. These are some tips that we have picked up about being a good loser.

We think that he or she should be gracious and applaud the winner. You can celebrate the winner by saying “nice job.” The loser can be gracious by not accusing the other team, or just any opponent, of cheating when they haven’t.

Losers should also know that it’s okay to be sad or frustrated about losing, but you should keep your anger to yourself. The loser should know that a loss is a good learning opportunity, and that it is a chance for success in your next competition. Try to reward yourself in some way and just try to stay happy.

Some people get very sad when they lose. To let out some of the sadness, they should know that they tried hard and did their best, and that’s all you need. Whether it is anything like a simple football game or an election, it’s still important to know how to lose.




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