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Sayings of Six
Bud Emerson | Klish Way

To no reader’s surprise, the Del Mar election campaign continues to paper our town with yard signs, flyers, and email chains. All six candidates met in a forum format sponsored by the Del Mar Times on October 20. All six presented themselves well and there were few surprises.

Of course, everyone makes the obligatory vow to abide by the Community Plan. One surprise is that all six agree that the gun shows at the fairgrounds should be discontinued. All support Measure Q calling for a 1% sales tax increase. All agree the community needs to speak up about how the new tax proceeds will be prioritized. Benedict and Corti say they hear support for undergrounding, Shores Park, and downtown streetscape.

All agree that safe rail crossing to the bluffs and beach needs to be accommodated. There is support for relocating the tracks off of the bluffs in the long run. Enforcement challenges were discussed. Candidate Stubbs thinks an unnamed “creative” solution can be found.

Most agree that Short Term Rental Businesses (less than 30 days) are causing more problems in neighborhoods all over town. Haviland, Parks, Druker, and Benedict believe the Community Plan does not allow these businesses except in the commercial districts, but residents should be permitted to rent out their homes or rooms on a limited basis. Stubbs believes bans do not work. Corti leans toward regulation and strong enforcement.

Druker endorses Measure R without reservation. All others said R creates significant legal and implementation problems.

Most agree that downtown needs revitalization, but other than streetscape improvements there were no concrete proposals.

Strong support for improving the Design Review Ordinance came from Haviland, Parks, Druker, and Benedict.

Candidate Corti was very critical of Sandpiper candidate endorsements and urged voters to support a slate of himself, Stubbs, and Benedict.



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