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Tails From Town

Barley Gaylord | Ocean Front

Me with Jesus at Breezes Cafe.
Photo Lynn Gaylord.
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Wow! There is something in the air that I smell and I can’t put my paw on it. There are all kinds of new signs around town to pee on but for some reason Lynn won’t let me mark them. I look at her and cock my head. She says something about “voting” this month. “Voting?” She says to me, “Do you want a treat?” YES! I know that word. She continues, “Where shall we go for a treat?” Hmm.... maybe this is “voting.”

Tara overhears us, seems to know what voting is, and bolts for Dexter’s Deli. Yes! Treats!

I know where they have good treats too - Breezes Cafe. The guys there love it when I come in and they throw me treats from the jar! They are the best! Ohhh.. I love this voting.

Next stop Americana and look who is there! My good buddy, Lucy. And it looks like she and Wade are “voting” too. I like this idea of voting! Let’s all go to Rusty’s. They vote too!

And on our way home, let’s not forget the Lifeguard Tower. Their treats are the greatest. Oh, I love this voting!

Me again at the Lifeguard Tower
with John Seiber and Pat Vergne.
Photo Lynn Gaylord.
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Wade gives Lucy a treat at Americana.
Photo Becky Walker.
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Evan gives Tara a treat at Dexter’s.
Photo Buck Abell.
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