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Calling Their Bluff
Nancy Fisher | 24th Street

Legend has it that when the North County Transit District (NCTD), backed by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), decides to go forward with a project, there’s no stopping them. But two issues important to Del Marians in the last decade show that they might not be as invincible as perceived.

In 2010 hundreds of residents objected to the construction of a train stop in their residential neighborhood, and, with the support of the City Council, stopped the project. And now, with an even larger number of residents objecting to NCTD’s enforcement of no trespassing on the bluffs leading to Del Mar’s beach, the city and NCTD are again collaborating on a solution.

City Council Member and NCTD Board Member Don Mosier who, along with three other Council Members, has been working on the issue, has met with NCTD several times and feels confident that progress is being made. “The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with NCTD is in the draft revision stage,” says Mosier, “and should be completed and approved next month.”

Del Mar resident Frank Stone-banks, who has led the charge for proponents of beach access, seems equally optimistic in a post to the local social network Nextdoor:

“Thanks in particular to Del Mar Councilman and NCTD Board Member Don Mosier, as well as Dwight Worden, Terry Sinnott and Sherryl Parks for advancing the draft joint Del Mar / NCTD Memorandum of Understanding to facilitate the study, analysis and ultimately the building of at least one new crossing across the tracks between 6th and 15th streets. This MOU should be final and approved by end Nov. I’ve also been meeting with senior NCTD management and Board since the Sep 6 council meeting, as well as key local politicians, and based on the feedback I’m confident we have nothing but support for our petition demands and that we will make it happen within the timeframes asked for in our petition.”

Although there has been no formal announcement, observers report less of a law enforcement presence in recent days, and residents are paying attention to the positions of the candidates for the upcoming City Council election on this issue.



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