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Fact-Check #4 Measure R

As part of our election coverage, the Sandpiper will be analyzing the accuracy of candidate statements on key issues, and publishing Fact-Checks where our analysis shows that candidates' assertions on important issues are factually wrong or misleading.
Fact-Check #4:  
Measure R

The Claim:
“Measure R does not change our Community Plan, Housing Element, or Municipal Code, other than requiring a public vote, voter approval, when a proposed project on a commercial property of 25,000 square feet or larger cannot be legally built under our present CP and zoning laws.

~Arnie Wiesel, opening statement at the City of Del Mar Measure R Forum, 10/05/16 (video at 00:09:24)

The Real Story:
In addition to imposing voter approval requirements for commercial property 25,000 square feet or larger, Measure R amends the Community Plan by deleting two specific objectives relating to mixed residential-commercial land uses. These amendments do not relate to the proposed Watermark Project.
Measure R deletes two specific provisions of the Community Plan (CP) unrelated to voter approval of large projects.

Under Goal 4 of the Community Development Element of the CP, Objective B states: “INSURE THAT THE DOWNTOWN AREA IS WELL INTEGRATED INTO THE RESIDENTIAL FABRIC OF THE COMMUNITY.” Under that objective are five specific objectives. The following two would be deleted from the CP by Measure R:

  • 3. Explore mixed residential-commercial land uses within the commercial area that is adjacent to Stratford Court.
  • 4. Allow mixed residential-commercial land uses within other areas of the commercially zoned downtown area.

These are substantive and significant changes to the Community Plan’s objectives. Mixed-use development can be a key strategy in both downtown revitalization and compliance with affordable housing requirements. Further, these objectives are unrelated to the 25,000 sq. ft. threshold that proponents claim applies to Measure R. Nor do these objectives relate to the Watermark property, which is in the North Commercial zone, and is not adjacent to Stratford Court or in the downtown area.

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