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Climate Nudge
Shirley King | Avenida Primavera

Two-hundred-five-gallon rain barrel.
Photo Art Olson.
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Our Climate Action Plan (CAP) had a determined nudge by San Diego’s Climate Action Campaign members with its Executive Director, Nicole Capretz. As a result Del Mar’s citizen Sustainability Advisory Board (SAB) with City Staff, Kristen Crane and Council Liaisons Mosier and Worden confidently set the targets of our (CAP) at 100% renewable energy sources by 2035 - a goal that we happen to share with the City of San Diego. With even more confidence together we can take it beyond 100%.

Since the adoption of our CAP on June 6, 2016, the City Council is assessing the feasibility of Community Choice Energy (CCE) similar to those established plans in Marin and Lancaster. Many other local governments throughout California are similarly determining the purchase of energy with higher renewable content on their community’s behalf. Council Members Mosier and Worden with SAB member John Goodkind are meeting continuously with other North County cities to examine the formation of a regional Community Choice Energy Joint Powers Authority. This collaborative effort needs to gather 60,000 residential meters for a viable venture - likely several years to pull all of the steps together.

But while we wait, our SAB suggests that we channel our own personal energy as partners in our community’s conservation. We have many options as a nimble, small community to lay the groundwork for beyond 100% - by nudging ourselves into achievable actions. Here are the SAB recommendations that we can adopt.
Solar roof panels - Federal Tax Credits at 30% until the end of 2019, the falling prices and the rising efficiencies compensate for the shady houses and shadow times of the year. Find out your roof’s potential at www.google.com/get/sunroof. Search the local Center for Sustainable Energy www.energycenter.org for sources and financing options.

Electric Vehicles - The 2017 Chevrolet all-electric Bolt with a Tesla-beating range of 238 miles per charge dissolves the range anxiety disorder at an ever more affordable price. Go for a drive with an EV owner and experience the whisper quiet from a car that makes few demands - no maintenance schedule, no more gas stations.

Sherryl Parks with the Bag Monster at the film screening of Is Your Life Too Plastic? Photo Art Olson.
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Rain Conservation - There are many examples in our community of rain water retention with rain barrels and water catchment systems. The super tank barrels with 100+ gallon capacity, Bushman are available at Grangettos, the only local distributors, and they beat the online prices and have a reasonable delivery fee.

Organic Composting - Our kitchen organics can be composted with our yard waste and even shredded paper. The Solana Center for Environmental Innovation can advise about rebates, products and methods.

Double and Triple Pane Windows - Federal tax credits are available for the Energy Star products, not to mention all of the Energy Star appliances.

If you want to emulate conservation champions in our community whose advice I have followed, talk with John Goodkind, Jim Kennedy and Mary Friestedt. A very prominent public example of energy reduction systems will be our new City Hall. Envision the possibility of making more energy than we use - pushing us all beyond 100%.




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