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The Sandpiper Endorses

The Sandpiper has carefully reviewed all candidate responses to our questions as well as their track records of involvement in the community. Our mission is to support the values and vision of our Community Plan. Using that as our guide we make the following recommendations for choosing leaders of our community for the next four years. Of course we respect that your choices are ultimately the ones that matter.

Ellen Haviland:
Haviland is rock-solid on key issues including Short Term Rental Businesses (STRB) and the Design Review Board (DRB) Ad Hoc Committee process. Though her tenure on the Planning Commission has been relatively short, her track record there demonstrates her deep, deliberative style, and a solid commitment to the Community Plan. She is energetic, hard-working, and personable, and will bring to the Council important fresh perspectives from a new generation.

Sherryl Parks:
Parks is a solid, reliable champion of neighborhood interests. Her long time volunteer work in the church and community informs her role as Mayor and Council Member. She has an impressive record of accomplishment including big things like our long- promised and false-started civic center and small things like new pedestrian crossings at Powerhouse Park. Her leadership style is to listen respectfully and work toward community unity.

Dave Druker:
Druker is a former 12 year Council Member and an eight years community activist. He can be counted on to make land use decisions that align well with the Community Plan. A supporter of the work of the DRB Ad Hoc Committee, he has a strong position in support of banning short term rentals less than 30 days. However, we are concerned about his leadership role in Measure R which will likely entangle our city in court battles for years to come.

The Sandpiper also endorses:

Erica Halpern, Del Mar Union Elementary School District
Darren Gretler, Del Mar Union Elementary School District
Joyce Dalessandro, San Diego Union School District
Beth Hergesheimer, San Diego Union School District
Rich Shea, County Board of Education
Dave Roberts, County Supervisor
Doug Applegate, US Congress

The Sandpiper recommends:

YES for MEASURE Q - 1% Sales Tax
NO for MEASURE R - Voter approval required for certain developments




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