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Nesters Needed
Carol Kerridge | El Amigo Rd

Recently the California Office of Emergency Services released a disturbing new statistic. In recent fires, four of the first five people who died were persons with disabilities and incapable of fleeing by themselves. What a potentially preventable tragedy! Let’s not ever let that happen in Del Mar.

It doesn’t take much to help out your neighbor who might need a hand should a disaster occur, but a most important key is to plan ahead. We already have a program right here in Del Mar that is set up to prevent such a tragedy from happening. Many residents currently participate in this program and are happy to have the support of their caring neighbors.

This Del Mar Community Connections program called NEST (Neighborhood Emergency Support Team), is designed to give help in emergencies to those with mobility issues and to teach their neighbors how they can help should fires, evacuations, earthquakes, floods, blackouts or hazardous waste accidents occur.
It’s simple, free and may save some lives!

Please give a call to DMCC 858 792-7565 if you or someone you know will need help during a disaster.



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