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Vote No On Measure Q!
KC Vafiadis | Camino Del Mar

As a commercial property owner in Del Mar, I urge you to vote NO on Proposition Q – the 1% sales tax increase.

This tax increase will give Del Mar the highest sales tax in San Diego County.
If you’ve read the pamphlet you received in your water bill, I can understand why you would support Prop Q. “Free money” and a “chicken in every pot” always sounds good. But at what cost? Few things come free, so who does this benefit and who does this hurt?

Del Mar has many plans for revitalization that have never been completed, they say because of a lack of funding. I have lived and worked in Del Mar for 50 years, and I suggest it’s not a lack of money. Nothing changes in Del Mar because the residents cannot agree on a plan. It took over 30 years to develop a plan for City Hall that the majority of residents could support, and financing was not a problem.
So, who pays for this sales tax increase? People who shop and eat in Del Mar. I hope, that as residents of Del Mar, that means you and your friends. Do you know that some on-line sales and even car sales are based on your local tax? So, you too will be charged an additional 1% http://www.factorywarrantylist.com/car-tax-by-state.html when making those purchases. Of course, visitors will pay too. Those same visitors that spend money to support our mom & pop shops.

For most of our small business owners, this is their livelihood. Strip malls, on-line sales, increased minimum wage, increased cost of goods, a bag ban and new organic waste regulations are just a few things making it harder to do business. They rely heavily on the very tourists we want to tax, and it hurts their bottom line. No wonder the Del Mar Plaza looks like a ghost town. We all wish we had a market, but it went out of business.

But we all like money in our coffers, so let’s assume this passes. An additional ~$1.5 - $2 million goes into the general fund each year. Then what?

Hopefully the new City Council will spend that money on the things the community identified in their Satisfaction Survey as their top priorities and things that are truly important to all of the citizens of Del Mar- Residents and Business Owners alike.



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