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Tails From the Shores
Barley Gaylord | Ocean Front

from left: Fletcher and Lexi. Photo Cathy Asciutto
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After three long weeks I saw Fletcher and Lexi today and they were smiling from ear to ear. With the Shores so beautifully green, they thought they had had a dream and were in fact in Ireland when they awoke!

I see Otto and Atticus are at it again with their “ruff-housing.” They are happy to see each other too.

from left: Atticus and Otto.
Photo Larry Kull.

Yippeeee! Woof! Woof! We are back at the Shores and having so much fun! With the new organics, the grass is so wonderfully green and healthy. It smells good too. The grubs are delicious and the gophers seem fatter. My buddies and I are happy dogs. Let’s do organics on all our parks!

Beginners Downward Doggie Yoga.  Photo anonymous.

Here are two important dates for us doggies this month: October 16th for Beginners Downward Doggie Yoga, and October 30th for the Halloween Doggie Parade. A Great Big Thank You to the Del Mar Foundation for making these doggie activities possible!

Bella on Poop Patrol, Photo Joan Luber Jacobs.








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