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Council Acts on Voter Fraud

Alarmed by an email encouraging non-residents to change their voter registration to Del Mar and vote for Council candidates likely to support minimal or no regulation of short term rentals, the Council on September 19 unanimously approved efforts to identify and deter improper registration by people who are not “domiciled” in Del Mar.

The Share Del Mar Alliance, a pro-STR group, encouraged its non-resident members, in an August 31 email, to change their voter registration to Del Mar: “The opposition is counting on the fact that many STVR owners live (and vote) elsewhere and we need to change this.” Step-by-step instructions followed for changing one’s voter registration to Del Mar without actually being domiciled here.
This “voter fraud drive” outraged actual residents whose votes would thereby be diluted by those from people who aren’t legally entitled to vote here. Former Mayor Jan McMillan asked the Council at its Sept. 6 meeting to put this matter on its next agenda; two days later, the Alliance retracted its email without stating a reason or noting that voters must register where they are domiciled.

Cooperative efforts by the City Clerk, the District Attorney, the Registrar of Voters, and concerned citizens to identify and deter improper registration by people who are not domiciled in Del Mar were unanimously confirmed by the City Council on September 19. Voter registration lists are now receiving careful scrutiny to ensure that only people domiciled in Del Mar are registered to vote in the upcoming municipal election. All qualified citizens are encouraged to register and vote, but must do so where they are domiciled. If you don’t live here, don’t vote here!



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