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Measure R – Right
Arnold Wiesel | Heather Lane and Hershell Price | Grand Avenue

Thanks for offering the proponents of Measure R the opportunity to respond to the piece written by the opposition in your last edition.

First of all, we believe strongly in Measure R and believe it is good for our residents and for our community of Del Mar. It protects our Community Plan, the one thing we all believe in preserving. The ideals set out in our Community Plan are why we have chosen to live here. That is also why Del Mar has the highest property values in all of San Diego County. We live our daily lives in an environment we almost take for granted; it’s worth preserving and that is why we are asking everyone to support and vote for Measure R.

Measure R protects us from changes to our Community Plan without a vote of the citizens of Del Mar. Its objective is to allow NO zone changes to properties designated Commercial of 25,000 square feet or larger, without a vote of our citizens. It simply means that if a developer wants to create a plan outside of what is allowed in the zoning code for that property, it must be submitted to the voters of Del Mar for a vote of approval by a majority before it could be deemed approved.

Measure R is NOT ILLEGAL as has been stated by the opposition. The Del Mar City Attorney wrote a document entitled “City Attorney’s Impartial Analysis of Measure R.” Not once therein did it state that Measure R is illegal. And, the City Council voted unanimously to put Measure R on the ballot. Why would they ever put something illegal on the ballot? It doesn’t make sense to us.

Section 4 of Measure “R” states the following:
“Nothing in this ordinance shall be construed to make illegal any lawful use presently being made of any property, or to prohibit further development of any property in accordance with that property’s present zoning and community plan designation at a density and height presently permitted by existing zoning and Community Plan standards.”

That is a powerful provision and protects the present zoning uses of all properties within the City of Del Mar.

If you support what we have put forth above, please join us in voting “YES on R”on Election Day, November 8th.



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