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YES for MEASURE Q 1% Sales Tax
Finally our 4000+ residents will get some help from our 5 million visitors in paying for community benefits we all enjoy. This one percent sales tax will yield about $2 million annually, almost 80% from visitors. We can use it for important community priorities such as utility line undergrounding, Shores Park development, and downtown streetscape improvements. Ultimately, the priorities will be decided by our City Council with plenty of input from residents. If we act now we can get these revenues exclusively for Del Mar instead of any possible regional sales tax proposal that would yield only a small percentage for our community.

NO for MEASURE R Voter approval required for certain developments
This initiative devised by neighbors of the proposed Watermark housing plan collected enough signatures to require it to be put on the ballot. It has serious legal flaws that according to the legal analysis of the City Attorney will put us in “violation of State law...that might result in a court order suspending the City’s land use regulatory authority and mandating certain types of land use and housing approvals.” The legal analysis goes on to warn of significant fiscal impacts including election expenses, legal expenses, court defense expenses, staff expenses, and loss of eligibility for federal and state grant monies. We get a big hole in our city budget and may end up with a judge making land use decisions instead of local decision making. We are put in a precarious legal and fiscal position when there is a simple alternative available—300 signatures on a referendum petition could force a vote on Watermark once the plan receives Council approval sometime in the future. Why inflict this unnecessary burden on ourselves!

YES for Dave Roberts - NO for Kristin Gaspar
The Sandpiper strongly recommends that you vote to re-elect Dave Roberts County Supervisor for the Third District. He has benefitted his constituents in so many ways, including job creation, promoting administrative transparency, health care and mental health, low-cost transportation for seniors and the disabled, suicide prevention and targeting prescription drug abuse. He has long been a champion of and hero for the San Dieguito River Park, and provided County funding for the River Path Del Mar extension.

YES for Doug Applegate - NO for Darrell Issa
Issa’s chairmanship of the House’s Oversight and Government Reform Committee was widely viewed as highly partisan and acrimonious, including a “Climategate” challenge to the Obama Administration’s climate change policy, about which Issa said, in a Committee press release, “The suggestion that there is a scientific consensus on climate change is itself a myth.” Applegate, on the other hand, says that “The adverse effects of global warming are a reality that must be addressed head on, especially for our coastal communities,” pledging to support renewable energy and legislation that actively combats climate change. The City of Del Mar is devoting considerable resources on sea level rise as it will affect our City; we need a matching commitment at the federal level to take these issues seriously.


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