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Sherryl Parks


It has been my honor to serve as your representative on our City Council, as Mayor and liaison to regional and local advisory boards. Del Mar is a special place and many people compliment me on our unique village.

This past year has been an exciting time! With your input and participation we are building our new City Hall, we have developed a Master Plan for Shores Park, and improved our infrastructure.

I look to our Community Plan for guidance and direction in maintaining and developing what is unique and special about Del Mar. With the Community Plan as our “constitution,” I meticulously monitor our resources so that we maintain Del Mar’s strong fiscal position. But the interests and needs of our citizens and our neighborhoods are always my top priority. I look for ways to make our community safer and our business district more successful. I have brought many other concerns to the council seeking solutions.

Setting a responsive and respectful tone at council meetings is important to me and I introduced the Del Mar Civility Code that hangs in council chambers reminding everyone how best to bring issues to the council. I believe it has made a real difference.

As a former teacher, I embrace the chance to hear all sides of every story, and to help bridge differences and find common ground. I am prepared to answer the big questions ahead of us: Should Del Mar have its own police department? How can we improve the DRB process and manage the proliferation of short-term rentals? How do we keep our local businesses thriving?

You have trusted me in the past to listen carefully, build consensus, and act responsibly. I now ask for your vote once again, so we can continue on our current successful path, upholding our Community Plan and always putting neighborhoods first.



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