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Dave Druker


It was my honor to serve you on the Del Mar City Council from 1996 to 2008. During those years we looked out for Residents First by:

• Opening the Library, Powerhouse Community Center and 25th Lifeguard Station with its restrooms,
• Developing the Camino del Mar Streetscape Design as a blueprint for enhancing the central commercial district,
• Installing safer pedestrian crossings and sidewalks from 4th to 10th along the west side of Camino Del Mar,
• Securing funds for the Torrey Pines Bridge retrofit,
• Ensuring that regional transportation plans included the removal of the train tracks from the bluff,
• Purchasing the Shores Property for open space and recreational uses.

On a monthly basis, I sat at the Del Mar Farmer’s Market talking with residents who shared their ideas and concerns - taking action when needed.
I have lived in Del Mar since 1986 with my wife Kristen (a retired History teacher from The Bishop’s School). I am an Executive Vice-President with DataSkill, a software engineering firm that specializes in IBM Watson software. I believe that Del Mar’s unique community of technology and biotech professionals can spearhead programs to make the city safer, greener, healthier, technologically sophisticated and energy-efficient.

I am a strong advocate for protecting the Del Mar Community Plan and believe that residents should have direct impact on property development throughout the city. I also support a vibrant business community. With beach and bluff access again in the news, I offer my past experience as Del Mar’s representative to North County Transit District (NCTD) to resolve this issue.

Pam Slater-Price, Del Mar resident and former County Supervisor, supports Dave and has stated the following about him: “Dave Druker brings experience, business acumen and dedication to the job. He will uphold the integrity of our Community Plan and will work hard to protect our neighborhoods.”

Residents First - Dave Druker for City Council.



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