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Al Corti


Four years ago, I ran for City Council with a promise never to compromise the principals of our Community Plan and to work tirelessly to implement the goals and objectives of the community.

My priorities were to build a new city hall, make our community more pedestrian friendly, masterplan Shores Park, revitalize downtown, improve our relationship with the Fairgrounds and be fiscally responsible in all that we do.

Together we have accomplished much. I am most proud of implementing sidewalks throughout many areas of our city, achieving community support for City Hall, establishment of the Business Advisory Committee, creating a pension reserve fund and approving our Affordable Housing Plan.

There are more community priorities, opportunities and challenges facing Del Mar. I am ready, willing and prepared to help guide the City to make the right decisions for all of Del Mar.

I will always listen to all sides of every issue and cast my vote for what I believe is best for all and always with the Community Plan as my guide. My promise today is the same as it was four years ago.

I ask you to align your vote with me and support me to continue as your Council Member.



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