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WOOF: Tails from the Shores
Barley Gaylord | Ocean Front

Me on the right with my raven-haired girlfriend, Tara.
Photos Lynn Gaylord (also Ocean Front)
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Zeus on gopher patrol. 
Photo Lynn Gaylord.
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The last three weeks have been absolutely miserable. I miss my friends and I am desperate for a good romp with my girlfriend, Tara. I stare at Lynn at 3:30pm but she mumbles something like, “I’m sorry but the park is closed.” Whatever that means. And because she seems sad, too, I set out to ask a few of my buddies what is going on.

I see Cricket and Steve at Dexter’s Deli. He says because the Shores is closed, they are sleeping in. Hmmm... that’s no fun.

Walking on, we spot Bubba and he says that he and David are roughing it at the beach. Hmmm.. that means a bath later. No thanks.

Fernando dealing with a gopher.  Photo Lynn Gaylord.
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Lynn delivers some goodies to her friend Mimi and I see my buddy Ozzi. He’s all dressed up! He says: “Maybe if I get dressed up she will take me to the dog park…..A dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do!” Nope, can’t reduce myself to that either. Hmmm.

What are they doing at the park? I know they can’t be closing it to get rid of the gophers. Fernando and Zeus have that under control already. Is this the application of organic fertilizer that Lynn was talking about months ago? Oh well, I guess we will just have to wait and see.
Okay good buddies, remember the Shores hours: every morning 6-8:30 am and every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon from 3:30-dusk. Lynn says we can go when the park opens Sept. 6th. Yippppeee! WOOF!

Shores Park closed for application of organic soil amendment.
Panorama Art Olson.
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