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Family Gun Fun?
Gun Safety Group Questions Fair Board’s Aim
Rose Ann Sharp | Crest Road

The recently-formed organization, Advocates for Gun Safety, is making steady progress in its effort to have the Fair Board discuss whether the family oriented fairgrounds is an appropriate venue for gun shows.

Representatives of Advocates for Gun Safety appeared at the July Fair Board meeting to ask that the topic of gun shows be placed on the Board’s agenda. The Board agreed to do so soon this Fall. To prepare for this Board meeting, the group is asking all San Diego city and county residents to sign a petition on Change.org to let the Board know they agree that the Fairgrounds is not an appropriate venue for gun shows.

In his remarks to the Board, Wayne Dernetz, a long time resident of Del Mar resident, said, “We believe that in the current climate of anger and fear over increasing gun violence and the reasonable, legitimate, and growing concerns of an increasing number of San Diegans about gun violence, continuing to allow the public Fairgrounds facilities for gun shows is damaging to your reputation as a wholesome, family-oriented venue, and the “brand” of the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Being home to the largest gun shows in the country does not serve your long term interests.”

In further remarks to the Board, Dernetz said, “Our main focus is to spread the word about the dangers of gun violence in our communities and to encourage support for gun safety laws and regulations, both at the national and state levels. We recognize the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on the Second Amendment, like every other right, it is not absolute but is subject to reasonable limitations to protect the greater welfare.”

The author of this article, a Del Mar resident, applauded the board for “an excellent job of maintaining the Fairgrounds and bringing entertainment for family and friends to enjoy together,” and added, “The glorification of guns does not square with the Fairground’s opportunity to provide wholesome, family entertainment.”

Persons interested in joining us at the Fair Board meeting can get further information at: www.advocatesforgunsafety.org/ or via email to: advocatesforgunsafety@gmail.com

The group noted that its purpose is “not to take away anyone’s right to own a gun.” Rather it questions whether allowing gun shows negates the stated mission of the Fair Board of Directors to “promote a world class multi-use public assembly facility with an emphasis on agriculture, education, entertainment and recreation.” This includes marketing of the venue as a “place for family fun.”




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